Hello! My name is Tobias Wüstefeld. I am a Motion Director and Illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany.
I create motions and stills, objects and installations for agencies, brands, science, art and cutlure.
My approach to image making is playful and open. I like to experiment and consider various solutions to each brief.
Most of my work is done using 3D software, recently i like to explore 3D scanning and the use of VR tools.
I spent two years lecturing at the University (of Design) in Münster and Hamburg and enjoy giving workshops.
I like to collaborate and have build a network of people over the years which also allows to work on bigger projects.

2021 CCDM - University Coimbra - Portugal (Talk)
2021 Sreda Obuchenia School Moscow (Talk)
2021 Interdisciplinary College Günne - Germany (Talk)
2019 KISD (Cologne International School of Design) Evening Talk
2018 VR-Headquarter Hamburg (Talk)
2018 Filmfestival Minsk
2018 DDD-OFFF Milano (Talk)
2018 SAE Institute Expertpanel
2017 Pixelist
2016 Faux Images XIX
2014 Münster Alumni Kongress

2019-2021 Hamburg HAW DMI - 2D Animation (Lecturer)
2020 Bauhaus University Weimar "Foreign Body VR" (Workshop)
2019 KISD (Cologne international School of Design) with Prof. Nina Juric: Motion Experience Lab#05: Art meets Science 
2018 Hamburg "Out of Office" Museum der Arbeit (Workshop)
2018 Indiecon Hamburg (Workshop)
2018 Hamburg HAW DMI — Hamburg, Germany (VR-Adviser)
2018 Filmfestival Minsk (Workshop)
2018 DDD-OFFF Milano 2018 (Workshop)
2016 Hamburg HAW Department Illustration — Hamburg, Germany (Research Fellow & Lecturer)
2014-2016 University Of Applied Science — Muenster, Germany (Lecturer)
2014 Münster Alumni Kongress (Workshop)
2013 JuBi - Juist (Workshop)
I worked with:
Service Plan, Jung von Matt, Fischer-Appelt, Hirschen Group, Turner, Thjnk, Cramer-Kasselt (Chicago), NYC-FCB,  Bensimon Byrne, Mutabor, Heye Grid, EMBL, DDB, Scholz&Friends, zum goldenen Hirschen,  BBDO, TBWA, Ogilvy, Leagas Delaney, Tribal DDB, Argonauten, UDG, Factor Design, Oscar Charlie, Robinizer, Tarsus, Liquid Campaign, KD1, FEEDMEE, Hey Folks, Picturefront, Freiland, Parasol Island, Buzz n Fury, Deli Pictures, 2GH, riesen*bu*hei, Team Wandres, kleiner&bold, Keenly, Wiethe, Y&R, Werbewelt, Lohnzich, Mock&More..

I worked for:
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