Hello! My name is Tobias Wüstefeld. I am a Motion Director and Illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany.
I create motions and stills, objects and installations for agencies, brands, science, art and cutlure.
My approach to image making is playful and open. I like to experiment and consider various solutions to each brief.
Most of my work is done using 3D software, recently i like to explore 3D scanning and the use of VR tools.
I spent two years lecturing at the University (of Design) in Münster and Hamburg and enjoy giving workshops.
I like to collaborate and have build a network of people over the years which also allows to work on bigger projects.

2018 VR-Headquarter Hamburg (Talk)
2018 Filmfestival Minsk
2018 DDD-OFFF Milano (Talk)
2018 SAE Institute Expertpanel
2017 Pixelist
2016 Faux Images XIX
2014 Münster Alumni Kongress

2018 "Out of Office" Museum der Arbeit (Workshop)
2018 Indiecon Hamburg (Workshop)
2018 Hamburg HAW DMI — Hamburg, Germany (VR-Adviser)
2018 Filmfestival Minsk (Workshop)
2018 DDD-OFFF Milano 2018 (Workshop)
2016 Hamburg HAW Department Illustration — Hamburg, Germany (Research Fellow & Lecturer)
2014-2016 University Of Applied Science — Muenster, Germany (Lecturer)
2014 Münster Alumni Kongress (Workshop)
2013 JuBi - Juist (Workshop)
I worked with:
Service Plan, Jung von Matt, Fischer-Appelt, Hirschen Group, Turner, Thjnk, Cramer-Kasselt (Chicago), NYC-FCB,  Bensimon Byrne, Mutabor, Heye Grid, EMBL, DDB, Scholz&Friends, zum goldenen Hirschen,  BBDO, TBWA, Ogilvy, Leagas Delaney, Tribal DDB, Argonauten, UDG, Factor Design, Oscar Charlie, Robinizer, Tarsus, Liquid Campaign, KD1, FEEDMEE, Hey Folks, Picturefront, Freiland, Parasol Island, Buzz n Fury, Deli Pictures, 2GH, riesen*bu*hei, Team Wandres, kleiner&bold, Keenly, Wiethe, Y&R, Werbewelt, Lohnzich, Mock&More..

I worked for:
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