C  R  A  B  L  A  N  D  S
At this project I want explore how a given form or structure influences my style of work. Contrary to my otherwise often reduced models, I wanted to set against some more complex, elaborated models. I found these 3D scans of crabs at threedscans.com and I Interpreted them in a fairly loose way. So the crabs down their doesn´t exist in that way. Specifically color and texture is a free interpratation.
For me it was interesting, how a given model forces me into exploring new forms, letting forms reoccur. To recursively orient myself on decisions that allready been determined and which possibilities therefore are restricted or accessible.

Above: The Elbow Crab [Rhinolambrus pelagicus] a very small crab is one of the threatened animals of Singapore

Above: The Ghost Crab or Sand Crab [ Ocypodinae ] lives in tropical regions around the globe. They can adjust their color to the surrounding
Below: Carcinoplax Suruguensis [ I couldn´t find any other name] lives by the Philippines

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