I was very excited by end of last year, when Filippo Spiezia asked me to do the Trailer for the Digital Design Days + OFFF Milano 2018. This is my first bigger Tiltbrush Project. I recreated Buildings and Statues of Milan. On this project I spent several hours underneath the VR Glasses to create work that I couldn´t have done with common 3D-Techniques.

Direction of Picture and VR Production: Tobias Wüstefeld
Music & Sound: Nikolai von Sallwitz

Monolith Logodesign: Allessandro Bonico
3D Reference of the Spire: Veranana Farbbrica del duomo di Milamo / 3D Survey Group Dipartimento A.B.C. Politecnico Milano 1863
Special Thanks to:
Filippo Spiezia (for making everything happen)
Francesco Fassi and his team (for the 3d reference of the spire)
Thomas Carls, Dirk Frömmer, Bastian Böhm (for all the Freedback)

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