Virtual museum projected in an area of 10,000 m2. It is an open space that exhibits sculptures created by artists from the digital world. You can visit the museum downloading for free the application in our web site and choosing between 3 different modes: 

1 - Virtual reality headset. 2 - Keyboard and Mouse. 3 - Touch screen.
View modes: VR, First person, Aerial view, Photo, Camera.

Download Links:   &    Steam link
This project was born in 2020 with the aim of connecting with the artists community from the world of digital art, offering participants the possibility of contemplating their digital illustrations in Virtual Reality. The museum was named “VRuseum” by Boldtron who, together with his brother Slurp.TV, brought this beautiful artists line-up  who join us in this experience.

Benoit Challand - Boldtron -  Bumpy Junkie - ByElectra - Chris Bjerre - David Porte Beckefeld - Eva Cremers - Fausto Mauriz - Felipunch -Fmk7 - Frederic Kokott - Fvckrender - George Varodi - Ivan Fedorov - Japparii - Laurie Rowan - Lucas Aguirre - Marylou Faure - Matthias Winckelmann - Max Salzborn - Raman Djafari - Sean Sevestre - Secondary Bounce - Serial Cut - Shir Pakman - Silvia Puff -  Simon Appel - SixNFive - SlurpTV  - Tobias Wuestefeld - Ugly Stupid Honest - Untitled Army - Untitled, xyz - Visual Citizens - Zigor
music artist : Andres Espasandin - Gonza nehuen Martinez 
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